Alicia Cameron is a certified QBO Advanced ProAdvisor, holds a bookkeeping diploma, and has bookkeeping experience going back to the 2000’s. She has a good understanding of agricultural business models, business concepts, & start-up difficulties. Alicia has been focusing on bookkeeping & business consultation. Helping the little guy get ahead in today’s times can be difficult, but it is very rewarding! Alicia has real-world experience in agriculture, equestrian businesses, landscaping, merchandise sales, marketing, management, and logistics, to name a few. She is currently running a small homestead of her own as well!
Our current project, the “We Work ~ You Work” Initiative (explained further below) has been our latest passion project. Whether you are a business owner, work from home parent, or trained professional, we look forward to hearing from you!
Our pilot program “Brunch Break Bookkeeping” Series running on the @ConsultaCameron Instagram platform has continued to be loads of fun! Homesteaders tend to lean towards the D.I.Y. side, and we want to help you reach your full potential! Bookkeeping is an often overlooked aspect of a business which can really be make-or-break in tough times. If you have the ability to look at your business expenses and revenues, laid out in an understandable way, then it makes it much easier to manage those expenses and revenues, and plan for upcoming expenditures, whatever they may be.
If you are looking for advice, or a bookkeeper, please contact us at Offering remote bookkeeping is a great way to broaden our reach, but please do keep in mind we are tax trained for Ontario, Canada. If your business is based somewhere else, we can give you basic advice, but we recommend finding an accountant well versed in your local taxes.
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Consult a Cameron began when our kids were born, it was the pandemic, I couldn’t go anywhere with them, and we were broke.
We’re still not rich, but our bills are paid, our kids are fed, and our credit cards aren’t maxed out … So now that we’re reasonably stable, we are doing our best to pay it forward!
The We Work You Work Initiative is intended as a way for business owners to support work from home parents, while saving money! Our WWYW Customers receive a discount on their bill, and our WWYW Subcontractors are trained in new life skills! All while the subcontractors actually get paid a living wage, and the clients receive outstanding service.

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With our “Brunch Break Bookkeeping” series on Facebook & Instagram (@ConsultaCameron), we aim to put bookkeeping back in the hands of the small business owner. Our series is targeted towards homesteaders & small business owners, with the expectation of little to no previous experience. Because of this, a variety of industry professionals will be able to benefit from the information provided within. If you have more technical or specific questions, please contact us directly @