Alicia is a certified QBO ProAdvisor, and has bookkeeping experience going back to the 2000’s. She has a good understanding of agricultural business models, business concepts, & start-up bookkeeping. 
Alicia has been focusing on homesteading bookkeeping.  Helping the little guy get ahead a bit in today’s times can be difficult, but it is very rewarding!
Alicia has real-world experience in the following fields: agricultural (including crop and livestock) a variety of equestrian-related fields, landscaping, merchandise sales, marketing, management, and logistics, to name a few.
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Offering remote bookkeeping is a great way to broaden our reach, but please do keep in mind we are tax trained for Ontario, Canada. If your business is based somewhere else, we can give you basic advice, but we recommend finding an accountant well versed in your local taxes.